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Ecuador trip - part 1

We spent three glorious weeks in Ecuador in November and December 2011. The main focus of the trip was to see as many bird species as we could but we tried to pay attention to any and all things wild. Bird-wise, we saw around 700 bird species!

Where did we go?
where we went

Ecuador is right on the ecuator (hence the name) and has many different habitats from coastal ranges in the West, to highlands of the Andes, to the Amazon rainforest in the East. We visited all but coastal ranges.

where we went - details
We flew into Quito, the capital, but spent most of our time outside of this large city. We spent the first week in the Western slopes of the Andes, the second week was spent gradually birding our way down the Eastern slope of the Andes, and the third week was spent in the Amazon rainforest.

Quito (right before the camera was stolen):

Day 1:

On the way to our first birding location, Yanacocha reserve:
hills north west of Quito

Tawny Antpitta:
tawny antpitta

Rufous Antpitta:
rufous antpitta

Buff-winged Starfrontlet:
buff-winged starfrontlet

Day 2:

Liz at the ecuator:
Liz at the equator

We spent the first week of the trip at Tandayapa lodge, a beautiful forest-setting and is surrounded by birds. It has amazing hummingbird feeders that attract a dozen or more species of hummers every day.

Purple-bibbed Whitetip:
purple-bibbed whitetip (female)

Purple-throated Woodstar:
purple-throated woodstar

Violet-tailed Sylph:
violet-tailed sylph

Fawn-breasted Brilliant:
fawn-breasted brilliant

Booted Racket-tail:
booted racket-tail

Sparkling Violetear:
sparkling violetear

Day 3:

Pale-mandibled Aracari -- seen at a local restaurant near Tandayapa lodge:
pale-mandibled aracari

Our driver (Nico) and bus:
Nico with our bus

Martin in the cloud forest:
cloud forest

We did lots of road birding:
road birding

Day 4:

Back at Tandayapa lodge:

Booted Racket-tail:
booted racket-tail

Purple-throated Woodstar:
purple-throated woodstar

Rufous-tailed Hummingbird:
rufous-tailed hummingbird

Crimson-rumped Toucanet:
crimson-rumped toucanet

Day 5:

Cow in cloud forest:
one of the omnipresent cows

Coffee bean:
coffee bean

We had lots of passion fruit:
passion fruit

Taking a break on the tower:
on top of tower

Day 6:

Tandayapa lodge:
Tandayapa lodge

Martin and Andres at Paz de las Aves reserve:
Martin and Andres

Angel Paz -- the Antpitta whisperer:
Angel Paz

Andean Cock-of-the-rock:
andean cock-of-the-rock

Maria the Giant Antpitta:
maria the giant antpitta

The gang:
the gang
Left to right: Jill, John, Ian, Andres (our guide), Martin, Lia, Liz, Sina.

Shortly after this photo was taken, we headed back to Quito for a much needed day off before continuing on to the high Andes.

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