Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ecuador trip - part 3

Our 14th day in Ecuador was spent traveling east to the Amazon. After a bit of morning birding we drove east to a town called Coca from where we boarded a motorized canoe to travel a couple hours downstream on the Napo river to Sacha lodge in the Amazon forest.

Coppery-chested Jacamar:
coppery-chested jacamar

Pearl Kite:
pearl kite
Seen roadside while driving to Coca.

Motorized canoes at Coca dock:

Presumably the ample oil money in the area is financing the building of this bridge.

River life:
river life

river life

Sacha lodge:
on second canoe to Sacha lodge

on second canoe to Sacha lodge

on second canoe to Sacha lodge

We were welcomed by a refreshing drink at the lodge:
drink at Sacha

Lake at the entrance to the Sacha lodge buildings at dusk:
lake at dusk

lake at dusk

Day 15:

Agami Heron:
agami heron

Liz atop the Sacha lodge canopy tower:
Liz on top of canopy tower

Liz and Jose on canopy tower:
Liz and Jose

Sacha lodge canopy tower:
view from top of canopy tower

canopy tower

Purple-throated Fruitcrow:
purple-throated fruitcrow

Black-mantled tamrin:
black-mantled tamarin monkey
Seen on the Sacha lodge boardwalk during lunch break.

Liz taking advantage of our hammock:
Liz taking advantage of our hammock
By this point in the trip constant exhaustion was a fact of life.

Day 16:

Liz on the Sacha lodge canopy walkway:
Liz on canopy walkway

Liz on canopy walkway

The Sacha lodge canopy walkway is a sturdy steel structure but it's still a little scary for people anxious about heights (like Sina):
canopy walkway

canopy walkway

canopy walkway

canopy walkway

Sacha lodge canopy walk
That's Jose trying to spot some birds for us.

Photos from the canopy walkway:

Chestnut Woodpecker:
chestnut woodpecker

Double-toothed Kite:
double-toothed kite

Ivory-billed Aracari:
ivory-billed aracari

A Smooth-billed Ani in front of our cabin:
smooth-billed ani

Liz and the giant tree:
Liz and the giant tree

Liz woke up some bats inside the giant tree.

Crested Owls:
crested owls

Butterfly garden at Sacha lodge:

butterfly closeup



Lots of chrysalises in the butterfly garden:

The porch behind our cabin:
cabin balcony
Cabins had no windows.

The afternoon of our 16th day was spent birding on a small muddy island on the Napo river:
mud birding
Lia and Martin don't look too impressed by all the mud.

Rubber boots were a must!
mud birding

Gray-breasted Crake:
gray-breasted crake
This was my best picture of this secretive species.

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