Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ecuador trip - part 4

The last part of our Ecuador tour began with a visit to a couple of parrot clay licks before traveling by boat to the Napo Wildlife Center.

parrots eating water/clay

Scarlet Macaw and parrots:
scarlet macaw

Parrots knew to clear out when the two Macaws flew in:
scarlet macaws

Here are a few photos taken from the boat on the way to Napo Wildlife Center:

Fishing spider:
fishing spider

A dragon!

Lesser Kiskadee:
lesser kiskadee

Slender-billed Kite (sans tail):
slender-billed kite

White-chinned Jacamar:
white-chinned jacamar

Cream-colored Woodpecker:
cream-colored woodpecker

Black-capped Donacobius:
black-capped donacobius

Striated Heron:
striated heron

Yellow-rumped Cacique:
yellow-rumped cacique

After a couple hours on the boat we arrived at the beautiful Napo Wildlife Center:
Napo Wildlife Center

View from our cabin porch:
view from our porch

Day 18:

Napo Wildlife Center canopy tower:
canopy tower

Seen from the canopy tower:


Liz on the canopy tower

view from canopy tower
The three towers in the distance are the Sacha lodge canopy walkway.

Another Ivory-billed Aracari:
ivory-billed aracari

White-necked Puffbird:
white-necked puffbird
white-necked puffbird

Napo Wildlife Center cabins:
Napo Wildlife Center

Found this cool moth in our room:
moth in our room

More boat birding:

Black-capped Donacobius:
black-capped donacobius

Capped Heron:
capped heron

White-eared Jacamar:
white-eared jacamar

Barn Swallow:
barn swallow
This species spends summers throughout USA so it was a familiar sight for us.

Red-capped Cardinal:
red-capped cardinal


Rufescent Tiger-heron:
rufescent tiger-heron

Black Caiman:
black  caiman

Squirrel Monkey with young:
squirrel monkey

Back on land:

Mushroom growing on a dead leaf:

This butterfly thought my boot would be a good source for minerals:

Day 19:

It rained all night before our 19th day in Ecuador so this morning we spent a few hours walking through flooded paths looking for, and finding, some elusive species.

flood birding
Rubber boots were initially useful.

Jose trying not to get water in his boots:
flood birding

Soon the water was too high for rubber boots to be useful:
flood birding

Liz photographing/videoing some termites:
Liz taking a video of termites


There used to be a bridge here but was washed away by the flood:
flood birding

The prize!
the prize!
Black-necked Red-cotinga. One of the elusive species we saw during our morning of flood birding.

We were back on dry land for the afternoon.

Golden-mantled Tamrin:
golden-mantled tamrin monkey

Collared Treerunner:
collared treerunner

We went back up the canopy tower late in the day.

Laughing Falcon:
laughing falcon

Blue-and-yellow Macaw:
blue and yellow macaw

Great Potoo:
great potoo
This nocturnal bird has a terrifying call. It was a big treat to see it!

Sunset on our last full day of birding in Ecuador:
sunset from canopy tower
The peak in the lower left is the Sumaco volcano.

Jose spotted a Great Tinamou as we walked back to the cabins in complete darkness:
great tinamou

Day 20:

We took a boat back to Coca:
Napo river

From Coca we flew to Quito.

Back in Quito:
back in Quito

Jose tallying species after dinner:
Jose counting

Jose and family:
Jose and family

Lia and Martin:
Lia and Martin

We left for home next day early in the morning and after a stressful airport experience made it to our flight to Miami:
finally on plane in Quito airport

Goodbye Quito:
leaving Quito

Hello Miami:
Miami airport

Back at home!

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