Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Very exciting news: Liz is growing a human in her belly!! The prospect of parenthood is both terrific and terrifying and we're looking forward to sharing photos, graphs, sounds, etc. of our adventure here. A few tidbits and a recording of the baby after the jump.

We've been referring to the incubating human as 'the ovenbird' or 'the F1' depending on mood.

This is an ovenbird:
Yup, we couldn't help making a bird connection. Ovenbirds migrate to New England in the Spring but we don't actually see them that often. We mostly hear them. They tend to like to hang out in the dark undergrowth (hence the giant eyes) and could be difficult to spot but their song is amazing and unmistakable.

Baby stats:
This is the 17th week of the pregnancy. Four months done, five to go.
Theoretical due date is March 9.
Gender is unknown (and will remain so until birth)

Liz gladly bid farewell to nausea/vomiting in the first week of September and is settling nicely into the second trimester. As of last week, she can feel the baby kicking!

Here's one of the first times we heard the baby, recorded on Aug 27:

At the time the heart was beating at ~160 beats/min but has since slowed down to a lazy ~140 beats/min.

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